Do You Want to Increase Your Business?

MVNP Can Help by Giving You Qualified Leads

Miami Valley Network Professionals Takes Networking to New Heights

Miami Valley Networking Professionals (MVNP) takes network marketing to a new level.  Network marketing is based on relationships and is a powerful way for business people to market their products and services.  Network marketing effectively multiplies your slaes force by the number of people in your network.  This gives your organization a tremendous advantage over your competitors that seek to sell similar products and services.

Networking groups abound throughout Dayton and the Miami Valley.  What sets MVNP apart is that it is a non-profit group not tied to any national charter.  Traditionally networking groups are tied to a national sponsoring organization and the dues paid to that organization support the national infrastructure of the group, including salaries of paid administrators.  MVNP saw little benefit in paying dues to a national charter and started its own group where the dues are used to pay for local activities that support only the local group and it’s members.



MVNP meets weekly to help each member procure more business.



The group has various business categories and only accepts one member to fill each category.



The cost is $120 per quarter, which includes all meetings, breakfast at those meetings and other events.

Membership Benefits

  • Be the only person in your business category
  • Receive qualified business referrals, expand your customer base and generate more business.
  • Connect with fellow members who aggressively act as a sales force for your business and commit to helping you succeed.
  • Follow a proven structured weekly meeting agenda to improve your opportunities to generate business.
  • Present information about your business each week to enhance word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Refer business to and receive business from professionals you know, like and trust.
  • Develop long-term friendships and experience the satisfaction that comes from helping others.
  • Recognize opportunities to act as a resource for your clients.
  • Increase exposure for your business as more organizations join Miami Valley Network Professionals.

How Miami Valley Network Professionals Operates

Others refer business to you because they know, like and trust you. 

  • Group allows 20 minutes for member speaker
  • Assigns monthly lunch meetings with another group member.
  • Weekly 30-Second Advertisement at each meeting for each member to sell his/her business.
  • Your success in getting business from the members of MVNP will be in direct proportion to how actively you refer business to them.

Miami Valley Network Professionals is a group of business professionals who come together weekly with the key purpose of helping each other succeed in business by networking.


All leads are pre-qualified.  Your prospect is aware of your products and services and is expecting your call.